POG Precision Optics Gera


Our History



Expansion of coating capabilities for UV spectral range.
Further improvements of the testing and measurment equipment (e.g. centration measurment of single lenses and assemblies, wave front measurment of optical systems, Atomic Force Microscopy...)
POG counts 130 employees


After almost 20 years in charge as managing director, Manfred Schubach hands over his responsibilities to the share holders and new executive directors Ray George, Aleksander Wlodarski and Jan Schubach.


Foundation of our subsidiary POG Corp. in Florida for improved service for our US customer base.


Updated Electron Beam Writing System introduced. Expansion of sputtering capabilities. Production capacities for microstructures in class 1000 clean room environment extended.


Introduction of new tecnologies for the centration of optical components. New wafer dicing saw goes on line.


New assembly department in class 1000 cleanroom.


Expansion of our technological competencies in the field of optical components: New CNC equipment for grindinding and lapping. New ultrasonic cleaning system.


More than 80 employees. Extension and enhancement of the capacities for assembling and testing of optical systems. Commissioning of a new hydrofluoric etching system for microstructures.


Inauguration of a New Photolithgraphy Facility in cleanroom environment.


Investments in new technology: CNC-Centering-Facility, Wafer Dicing Saw


Setting up an assembly and testing area for optomechanical and optoelectronic modules and devices. Development and production of a miniature objective for the application in dental cameras under use of aspherical lenses for Cobra elektronik GmbH.


Development and production of a long focus high speed objective lens for the detection of barcodes in postal sorting machines for DATALOGIC. With the help of the objective and a high resolution line camera the individual barcode labels can be read and sorted. The objectives are optimised for the recognition of bars smaller than 0.18 mm bars from a 3m distance.


POG is being granted the TÜV Cert-Certificate for the areas development, production and distribution of precision optical components, modules and devices from UV to IR. Initiating meeting for the foundation of the OPTO-Region (today OptoNet e.V.). POG joins in. OptoNet e.V. unites more than 95 companies, universities, research organisations, banks, and public institutions in order to get actively involved in the national and international development of optical technology and in order to secure and create jobs in Thuringia.


Participation at the LAROSY joint project which is part of the FUEGO promotion programme. The project is carried out in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering. Here POG develops the overall concept and builds the sample device. The Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering is responsible for the air bearing's development.


The "Export Price for the Eastern German Economy" is awarded to POG. The honour is being awarded by the Federal Minister of Economics and "wir.wirtschaftsinitiative für Deutschland".


Introduction of a CAD system as requirement for the flexible reaction to demanding customer requests and the realisation of innovative development projects.


POG starts to train precision opticians as a reaction to the growing demand of qualified, skilled workers in the company.


Inauguration of the new production site and initiation of a synchrospeed polishing machine and a CNC controlled lens centering device.


POG begins business operations with 42 staff members formerly employed with Jenoptik GmbH Jena.

First participation at OPTATEC.


After securing numerous (partly) longer term projects, negotiations on the continuation of the optical manufacturing in Gera take place in cooperation with the management of the Carl Zeiss plant in Gera and Jenoptik in Jena. Negotiations fail due to potential investors' exaggerated demands. The former plant of Carl Zeiss Jena with originally about 3.500 employees closes down


At this point of time, POG's founding members - all of them former management staff in optics manufacturing - decide to step into independence by means of a management buy-out. That way, it was possible to uphold and advance the tradition of the optics manufacturing in Gera.

POG is founded as a management buy-out company with certificate no. 2604/1991 of notary public Siegfried Rohde, Saarlouis.

Partners were in 1991: