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Customized Microstructures


We are your partner for sophisticated, customized optical microstructures.

We have the expertise and the technical facilities to carry out the entire development and production process in house:

This ensures a consistently high quality of graticules, scales, reticles, pin holes, apertures, calibration plates, resolution targets and others in single pieces and small batches as well as in high-volume serial quantities.

Depending on your specific application, you have the flexibility to select amongst a variety of substrate options and surface finish quality.

Continuous advancement in our technology, investments in in modern equipment in all areas of production, our highly skilled team with extensive experience and the superior quality of our products have made us one of the leading suppliers of optical microstructures worldwide.

Leading international companies in sectors such as metrology, machine vision, medical & laser instrumentation, semiconductor processing and aerospace/defense put their trust in our products and services.

Please also review our product offering of Standard-Microstructures.

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