From diagnosis to treatment

For customers in the life science sector, we develop and manufacture high-precision optical components, systems and microstructures that are used in devices for diagnostics, analysis and therapy. We supply object micrometers for the calibration of microscopes, microapertures for endoscopy, special lenses for surgical microscopes and customised microstructure assemblies for ophthalmology.


Our Expertise

Outstanding expertise in design and development

Realisation of individual customer requirements even for small and very small series

Short development times and rapid transition to series production

Unique in-house technology portfolio and production capacities for precision optics, microstructuring, coating and system assembly

Special expertise and consulting competence in microtechnology: customised production of microstructures that enable highly accurate size and structure determinations

Solution Examples & References

  • custom precision components set containing of  beam splitting prism group, illumination optics and objective optics for surgical microscopy
  • custom stage micrometers for microscopy
  • calibration targets for fluorescence microscopy
  • endoscopy and apparatus engineering

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