Defined and structured

We are one of the leading suppliers of demanding custom optical microstrutures. At POG we define “microstructures” as nearly two dimensional pattern with pattern sizes down to 1µm that are produced on flat substrates using micro lithography processes.
With flexible aproaches for production we serve customers in life science, sports optics, machine vision and photonics and are your partner from design to serial production.

Microstructure Solutions for

Life Science

  • eyepiece reticles, stage micrometers and other microstructures for microscopy
  • pinholes, microapertures for endoscopes
  • calibration targets for pharmaceutical industry
  • fluorescence calibration targets for microscopy

Machine Vision

  • calibration targets for applications in reflected light or transmitted light
  • resolution targets (e.g. USAF resolution target and siemens star) for applications in reflected light or transmitted light

Sports Optics

  • reticles for rifle scopes, spotting scopes, laser range finders as illuminated and non-illuminated version
  • reticles with chrome cover of the illuminated pattern towards the objective lens
  • available as single reticles, doublets with cover glasses or complete reticle assembly groups


  • micro aperture pinhole plates and micro diapositives for projection
  • micro lens arrays
  • variable ND-Filters, grey scales and geometrical beam splitters details
  • patterning of broad band low reflective chrome coatings
  • patterning of conductive coatings, e.g. ITO and gold

Standard Microstructures

All Standard Microstructures

Our expertise

Custom solutions for custom requirements

We want to understand your specific application to be able to give you the best custom solution that fits your exact needs. Our technical sales team and process engineers help you to define the right specifications and will choose the production process that meets your needs and enables a cost efficient manufacturing for optimal quality.

Inhouse manufacturing

With an extensive portfolio of manufacturing technologies, we ensure the production of optical microstructures entirely in-house. Our highly qualified and experienced employees master demanding manufacturing processes for samples and series production quantities.

That’s why we know exactly what we can promise you – and you can rely on it.

Superior Product Quality.

Certified processes in all steps ensure highest product quality during  quotation and product design, for sample and serial production to final inspection and shipping.

Processes and Technologies

From Design to Series Production

We have the expertise and the technical facilities to carry out the entire development and production process in house.


Layout Generation


Creation of the layout data package for mask production based on drawings or based on your CAD files. further details

Mask writing


Complete mask production with electron beam lithography. further details

Production on waferlevel


Performance of all micro lithography processes: exposure, developing, wet etching, plasma etching, HF etching and lift-off as well as metallic coatings and anti reflection coatings

Separation & Shaping


Separation and shaping by laser dicing, conventional wafer dicing und precision grinding.

Assembly & Testing


Integration of the microstructure components into optomechanical subassemblies and completion with illumination and electronics. Testing, measuring and recording of relevant parameters. Supply with DAkkS certification on request.

Options for your custom products

You may choose from a variety of options for substrate materials, surface finishes and coatings to meet the requirements of your specific application.

We recommend below standard substrates for cost optimization.

Substrate Material Material Type Substrate Thickness [mm] Thickness Tolerances [mm] Substrate Size [mm x mm]
D263 thin glass
technical float glass
0.21; 0.3; 0.4
0.55; 0.7
B270 technichal glass 1.0; 1.5; 2.0; 3.0 ±0.1 101.6 x 101.6
127 x 127
SK-1300 synthetic fused silica 1.0; 1.5 ±0.1 127 x 127
Nextrema 724-8 technical glass ceramics
white opaque
0.63; 1.0; 1.5; 2.0; 3.0  ±0.1 101.6 x 101.6
127 x 127


Differing substrate requirements can be custom made and prepared for lithographic processing.
Compared to standard substrates this will result in higher production cost, longer delivery times and and potentially tooling and R&D cost to adapt lithography processes.

Bei Fragen bitten wir Sie, uns in einer frühen Projektphase zu kontaktieren.

We offer a variety of options for metallic coatings that may be patterned to realize your product.

A major part of typical requirements may be accomplished by using one of the below standard thin film versions:

Coating Code Coating Material Optical Density Reflection Remarks Data Sheet
POG-HRC-OD3 Chrom HRC OD>3@550nm R ca. 45%@550nm High Reflective Chrome, bright chrome, metallic gloss
POG-LRC-550-OD3 Chrom LRC OD>3@550nm R<15%@550nm Low Reflective Chrome, black chrome – with high absorption in the VIS range


For differing requirements reagrding optical density, reflection or spectral position further field-tested versions are available:

Coating Code Coating Material Optical Density Reflexion Remerks Data Sheet
POG-LRC-300-1200 2x broadband chhrome.
POG-HR-13-PL Al+SiO2
POG-HR-79-PL Au+Yttriumoxid


For new coatings to meet your custom requirements or in combination with special substrate materials we are glad to offer you a custom solution with an individual coating design.

We are equipped with different technologies to realize varying customer requirements. In the process of evaluating of your specific requirements we choose the optimal manufacturing process.

Exposure Process Image Field [mm] Resolution Capability [µm] Remarks
Mask aligner max. ø200 1,5
  • for standard substrates
  • perfect for larger layouts with tight tolerance specifications
  • back side alignment possible
projection copy with 1:1 projection max. ø 80 5
  • for standard substrates
  • optimal for serial production of high quantities
  • large image field
projection copy with 5:1 reduction max. ø 20 1.0
  • for standard substrates
  • optimal for serial production of high quantities
  • smaller image field
electron beam direct writing max. 150×150 1.0
  • for standard substrates
  • optimal for production of samples and individuel pieces
contact copy  approx. 200×200 3 to 5
  • for custom substrate dimensions and individual substrates and special materials
  • limited possibilities for serial production of higher quantities

We produce pattern etched into the material by using different technologies. Main application are etch and fill illuminated reticles for rifle scopes.

Process Pattern Dimensions Material Remarks
HF-wet etching > 6µm B270
  • use of B270 as cost efficient substrate material
Plasmaätzen > 2µm fused silica
  • smaller pattern sizes for applications at high magnifications
  • limeted to fused sica as substrate material
  • slightly higher cost

Further details can be found here.

For most applications in the VIS area we recommend our standard broadband anti reflection coating:

Coating Code Reflection AoI Remarks Data Sheet
POG-AR-420-650 Rabs < 0.5% @ 420-650nm 0° to 15° Link

For new coatings to meet your custom requirements or in combination with special substrate materials we are glad to offer you a custom solution with an individual coating design.

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