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POG develops and manufactures precision optics and optomechanical systems for the DUV-VIS-NIR spectral range. These systems are integral components in highly complex systems for the inspection of layer thickness, structural elements and alignment and process control.

For specialized applications, we produce electrostatic chucks with high flatness that ensure safe and stable positioning throughout the entire process.


Our Expertise

Customized, multi-stage and flexible development process – Compliance  Matrix, SOW, PDR,

Consistent implementation of ›Copy Exact‹ requirements

Defined, documented and stable processes in all areas

In-house processing of demanding materials such as quartz glass and calcium fluoride (CaF2)

Outstanding expertise in mounting technologies for UV applications

Many years of experience in clean room assembly of optomechanical modules

Solution Examples & References

Development and production of an optics set for DUV-NIR

  • Complete optics set consisting of objective, tube lens & relay assemblies for wafer inspection
  • Elements consist of CaF2 and quartz
  • Optimized performance through the wavelength range 210-1000nm

Development of a special microscope objective for defect inspection of wafers

  • Working wavelength 355nm with autofocus at 375nm
  • Large object field of 5mm
  • corrected far below the diffraction limit

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