Precision in every part

POG specializes in the manufacturing of custom precision optical components.
We help global customers in demanding industries such as semiconductor, life sciences,  machine vision and aerospace. They rely on our many years of manufacturing experience and adherence to the highest quality standards.

Through in-house production, POG implements the most challenging customer requirements and remains by your side from prototype development to serial production.


Spherical optics

  • Spherical lenses with sophisticated geometries in diameters ranging from 4-300mm
  • Complex profile geometries and lens segments
  • Achromats, bonded and gated groups
  • Substrates for spherical concave mirrors

Flat optics

  • Prisms with demanding geometries and highest angular accuracies
  • Prism groups cemented or with air gap
  • plane-parallel optics, optical windows, protective glasses
  • Color glass filters
  • Divider cubes and other beam splitter groups

Optical coatings

  • Antireflective coatings, mirror coatings, beam-splitter coatings
  • Broad spectrum of standard coatings
  • Conformance to customer-specified coatings
  • Custom coating design for your special requirements and/or special materials

Our expertise

Craft and high-tech for flexible small batch production

Our optics manufacturing is optimized for flexible production of a wide range of precision optics with challenging demands. Using state-of-the-art equipment, craftsmanship and a lot of know-how, we manufacture your optics for demanding projects in small development quantities – exactly according to your requirements.

Inhouse manufacturing

With an extensive portfolio of manufacturing technologies, we guide the production of optical components entirely in-house. Our highly qualified and experienced technicians master demanding manufacturing processes from prototype to serial production quantities. 

This gives us the confidence we will fulfill our promises to you – confidence on which you can rely. 

Superior Product Quality

Quality is our foundation – from quotation and product design to final inspection & shipping. 

Documented, secure processes throughout all steps ensure the highest product quality. 

Processes and technologies

Precisely crafted

From blank to end-product.



Flexible profiling technology for the production of sophisticated blanks with complex geometries in a variety of materials.



Polishing of spherical components, prisms and plano optics for demanding applications.



Laser-assisted CNC centering for highest accuracy and flexible edge geometries.



Mastery of sophisticated optical coatings on state-of-the-art sputtering and vapor deposition equipment.



Cementing, bonding or splicing of optical components to form high-precision achromats, prism groups, beam splitter groups, etc.



Extensive portfolio of measurement equipment and testing technology for monitoring & verification of all manufacturing processes and specifications.

Options for your custom product

We have extensive experience in processing a wide range of materials:

Optical glasses

all optical glasses

UV materials

Calcium fluoride, quartz glasses for defined wavelength ranges

IR materials

Zinc sulfide, germanium, chalcogenide glasses

Filter glasses

Band-pass filter, long-pass filter, short-pass filter, neutral filter and others

Zero expansion materials

Zerodur and others

Glass ceramic

Nextrema and others

A large number of different measurement and test methods are available in-house for testing the parameters of optical components:

  • A variety of different measurement and test methods are available in-house for testing the parameters of optical components:
  • Interferometric measurement of surface form deviation
  • Roughness measurement with white light interferometry
  • Optical and tactile coordinate metrology
  • Non-contact and tactile thickness measurement
  • Angle measurement with precision goniometers
  • Centering test
  • Transmission and reflection measurements of DUV-NIR
  • Climate resistance test
  • Wipe resistance testing
  • Defect testing of surfaces according to DIN ISO 10110 and MIL
  • Determination of imaging quality by wavefront testing and MTF measurement

For your project success, we offer a wide range of optical coatings. In addition to a variety of standard coatings, we are also happy to consider the realization of your customized coating requirements.

You can find an overview of the standard coatings here:


Anti-reflective coatings

Coating Code Reflection Data Sheet
POG-AR-266 R(min) @ 266 nm < 0.5 % POG-AR-266
POG-AR-350-450 R(abs) < 0.6 % @ 350…450 nm, AOI= 0…15° POG-AR-350-450
POG-AR-380-910 R(ave) <= 1.0 % @ 380…910nm POG-AR-380-910
POG-AR-1064 R(abs) @ 1064nm < 0,2 %, AOI= 0…15° POG-AR-1064
POG-AR-550 (MgF2) R(min) @ 550nm POG-AR-550
POG-AR-450-700 R(abs) @ 450-700nm < 1%
R(abs) @ 1064nm < 0,5%
POG-AR-532_1064 R(abs) < 0.5 % @ 532 + 1064 nm, AOI= 0…15° POG-AR-532_1064


Mirror coatings

Coating Code Reflection Data Sheet
POG-HRA-VIS0 R(abs)> 90 % @ spec. Wavelength
R(ave)> 85 % @ 400…700 nm
AOI= 0-15°
POG-HRA-VIS2 R(abs)> 90 % @ spec. Wavelength
R(ave)> 85 % @ 400…700 nm
AOI= 0-45°
POG-HRA-UV0 R(abs)> 75 % @ 190 nm
R(ave)> 80 % @ 400…700 nm
AOI= 0-15°
POG-HRS-NIR R(abs)> 96 % @ 600…1000 nm
R(ave)> 90 % @ 400…1000 nm
AOI= 0-45°
POG-HRS-VIS0-RV R(abs)> 96 % @ 550 nm, AOI= 0°
R(ave)> 95 % @ 550 nm, AOI= 45°
POG-HRA-VIS0-RV R(abs)> 86 % @ 550 nm, AOI= 0°
R(ave)> 85 % @ 550 nm, AOI= 45°


Beam splitter


Coating Code Reflection/ Transmission Data Sheet
POG-CBS-50-50 50:50 @ 450…650 nm, AOI= 45° POG-CBS-50-50
POG-BS-50-50 R= 50 % ± 5 % @ 450…650 nm POG-BS-50-50

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