From Design to Series Production

We are your partner for the development and production of customized optical systems from UV to IR. With many years of experience in optics design and our own optics manufacturing, we find intelligent and innovative solutions for your product idea and realize them efficiently from optics design and construction to prototyping, assembly and testing of series quantities.


By optical systems, we primarily mean customized lenses for applications for which there are no suitable standard products. These can be unusual environments, high imaging qualities or special wavelength ranges (UV). In addition, we integrate lenses, prisms and micro-optical components as well as light sources and detectors into complex assemblies. For our customers, these optical systems are integrated as assembly units into complex machines and systems, e.g. in the semiconductor industry, aerospace or machine vision.

Our expertise

Customized solutions

Our employees develop solutions for requirements that cannot be implemented with catalog optics. Also for small and very small series.
Many years of experience in project management, a clearly structured, sequential development process and close cooperation with our customers are important factors for success.

From design to series production

No matter whether you only have a product idea or problem description or contact us with a finished optical design or set of drawings − we flexibly enter the process of product development and manufacturing and accompany you from the study to series production.

In-house manufacturing

Our in-house optics production, including coating, is the basis for rapid implementation of the developed products from concept to series production. For this purpose, developers, designers and production technologists work closely together from the very beginning and find solutions for cost-effective and efficient production.

R&D support and product lifecycle management

After successful development and start of production, we support you throughout the entire product lifecycle. We provide support for further product developments or necessary technical changes and organize complex supply chains.

Processes & Technologies

We master the complete development and manufacturing process.

We offer development as a multi-stage process, with defined milestones and design reviews, handover of development results and open communication at eye level until samples are released.

Our in-house production enables an optimal and quick start of a series production.

Feasibility study

Optical design

Based on your task or problem description, we analyze the basic feasibility and define necessary and reasonable specifications together with you. In doing so, we pay attention to the feasibility and the given budget from the very beginning.

Milestone: Study with preliminary optics design · Compliance matrix specifications · Offer for necessary development steps · Cost estimation series

Optical design


We create the optical design on the basis of specified requirements. By combining suitable materials and optimized geometries, we lay the foundations for efficient and stable manufacturing and testing processes. Our many years of experience in our own optics production are invaluable in this respect.

Milestone: Released optics design · layer design

Mechanic design


Based on the results of the optics design and the requirements of your specific application, we define suitable assembly technologies and translate them into an appropriate opto-mechanical design.

Milestone: Released set of drawings for prototype production



Based on the set of drawings, we create manufacturing documents and test plans, produce tools, procure materials and manufacture components. Finally, system assembly, testing and documentation take place.

Milestone: Delivery of the samples for testing and approval by the customer.

Series production


After successful qualification of the initial samples, we define and fix the logistics and production processes for the series. To this end, we work with you to find the optimum variant: from order-related individual lot production to long-term framework agreements with material stocking and flexible call-offs.

Result: Quality and on-time series deliveries

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