Scales and scales can be supplied with a DAkkS calibration certificate at extra cost.

The calibration is performed by an external accredited calibration laboratory.

The surcharge for the calibration consists of two parts:

  • a basic price per scale – depending on the length of the scale to be calibrated and the required measurement uncertainty
  • a price per graduation mark of the scale to be calibrated (number and position of the graduation marks to be calibrated must be determined by the customer).

If we are to submit a quotation for a calibration, we require you to specify the required measurement uncertainty and the exact number and position of the graduation lines or structural elements to be calibrated.

The following measurement uncertainties are possible:

U = 0.03μm + 2E-7-L
U = 0.1μm + 2E-7-L
U = 0.2μm + 5E-7-L
U = 1μm + 1E-6-L
(L = length of graduation in µm).

The distances of graduation marks on line scales are thereby determined with the Lambda-Mess 600 automatic interference comparator by comparison with the wavelength of a frequency-stabilized He-Ne laser.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.